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I'm a front-end developer and writer with an eye for design. I love learning new things and sharing my discoveries with others. You can read my blog, learn more about me, or get in touch.

Recent Posts

  1. Accommodating the Longest Text in a Label with CSS Grid

    Suppose a label renders strings of different lengths, but you want it to always reserve space for the longest text to prevent layout shifts. You can do this using a CSS grid trick.

  2. Represent State with HTML Attributes, Not Class Names

    We often use class names to represent a change in a component's state. But really, we should use HTML attributes and the CSS attribute selector to style those states.

  3. Passing Object Arguments to Liquid Shortcodes in 11ty

    While 11ty doesn't let you pass object arguments to shortcodes in Liquid, you can get around this by assembling and parsing a JSON string.

  4. Dynamically Importing Components with React.lazy

    Certain static imports may increase your bundle size, potentially hurting performance. With React.lazy, you can dynamically import components at runtime.

  5. Automate Netlify Redirects with 11ty

    Tired of listing all of your Netlify redirects by hand? Generate them programmatically with a bit of 11ty templating magic!

  1. How to Format Code on Save in VS Code with ESlint

    Improve your developer experience by setting up ESLint and configuring VS Code to format code on save for JavaScript, TypeScript, and React projects.

  2. CRLF vs. LF: Normalizing Line Endings in Git

    Line endings can differ from one OS to another. Learn the history behind CRLF and LF line endings and how to enforce line endings in git.

  3. Why I Don't Like Tailwind CSS

    On paper, Tailwind CSS sounds like a great idea. In reality, it suffers from the same problems that it tries to solve.

  4. SVG Tutorial: How to Code SVG Icons by Hand

    Learn the basics of SVGs so you can code your own SVG icons by hand, without always relying on icon libraries.

  5. Be Careful with Async Functions that Return Booleans

    Suppose an async function returns a boolean. What happens if you check the return value without awaiting it?

  6. Creating Aspect Ratios in CSS

    Learn how to give any element an aspect ratio in CSS, using the modern aspect-ratio property or a trick with percentage padding.

  7. Hesitation Is Defeat

    After a one-year hiatius from Sekiro, I returned to face the final boss—and, through painful persistence, triumphed.

  8. How to Sort Ant Design Tables in React (the Easy Way)

    The Ant Design UI library lets you sort tables by one or more columns, using a sorter prop. But the syntax can get quite repetitive. Let's fix that!

  9. Goodbye, GitHub Pages—Hello, Netlify

    GitHub Pages is a great option for hosting your site... until it isn't. Here's why I moved to Netlify.

  10. Creating a Responsive Navbar Without Bootstrap

    Want to create a navbar that works on mobile and desktop? Ditch the frameworks—in this tutorial, we'll create a responsive navbar using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  11. How to Add a Copy-to-Clipboard Button to Jekyll

    Add a copy-to-clipboard button to your Jekyll blog with a simple include and a few lines of JavaScript.

  12. Getting Started with Jekyll and GitHub Pages: Your First Website

    Jekyll is a static site generator that makes it easy for you to create a website. Learn how to get started with Jekyll and GitHub Pages.

  13. Finite State Machine (FSM) Tutorial: Implementing an FSM in C++

    Finite state machines (FSMs) are used in lots of different situations to model complex entity state. In this finite state machine tutorial, I'll help you understand the FSM design pattern by building one from the ground up for a simple use case.