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  1. Add Build Info to an 11ty Site

    Expose information about your 11ty site at build time to all templates using global data. Among other things, this can be used to show your site's build time, package version, and the latest Git commit hash.

  2. Design Mode in 11ty

    Sometimes, I prefer to compose text right in my browser and copy it over to my source files. In 11ty, we can enable this behind a keyboard shortcut in our development environment using environment variables.

  3. Gated Content, Broken Locks

    Some sites gate their content by hiding it with CSS. Whether you open the site incognito or normally, the full content appears to be beyond reach. But it's not—anyone can swing open the gate.

  4. Writing Better CSS

    CSS has come a long way since the early days of web development. Learn how to write better CSS using modern strategies like the :is and :where pseudo-class functions, logical properties and values, clamp, gaps, and aspect-ratio.