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  1. Published on

    Add 30 Seconds

    What do microwaves have in common with user interface design? Apparently, a whole lot.

  2. Published on

    A Font-Face Faux Pas

    When using the font-face local() function to load fonts installed on a user's system, double-check that sure you're requesting the right font family.

  3. Published on

    Writing Better Documentation

    Documentation is one of those things that you don't appreciate until you have to work without it. Good documentation should go beyond the code itself and also cover your team, the product, your work process, areas of specialization, and many other key areas.

  4. Published on

    Add Build Info to an 11ty Site

    Expose information about your 11ty site at build time to all templates using global data. Among other things, this can be used to show your site's build time, package version, and the latest Git commit hash.

  5. Published on

    A Set of Useful 11ty Filters

    One of my favorite things about 11ty is its flexibility and how easily you can customize your chosen template language without having to leave the familiar comfort of the Node ecosystem.

  6. Published on

    Design Mode in 11ty

    Sometimes, I prefer to compose text right in my browser and copy it over to my source files. In 11ty, we can enable this behind a keyboard shortcut in our development environment using environment variables.