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  1. Published on

    Gated Content, Broken Locks

    Some sites gate their content by hiding it with CSS. Whether you open the site incognito or normally, the full content appears to be beyond reach. But it's not—anyone can swing open the gate.

  2. Published on

    NFTs Are a Problem

    While NFTs are being hailed as the future of digital ownership, they're also the source of many problems. NFTs are artificially scarce, make it easier to commit fraud, undermine the intellectual property rights of content creators, and encourage consumptive mining practices.

  3. Published on

    Represent State with HTML Attributes, Not Class Names

    Developers often use class names to represent a change in a component's state, but this leads to redundant (and sometimes inaccessible) markup. Instead, we should use native HTML attributes to represent state and style those discrete states with the CSS attribute selector.