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  1. Published on

    6 Ways to Undo Changes in Git

    If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation with git, don't panic. Here are some simple ways you can undo changes in git and clean up your commit history.

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    Hesitation Is Defeat

    After a one-year hiatius from Sekiro, I returned to face the final boss—and, through painful persistence, triumphed.

  3. Published on

    Easily Sort Ant Design Tables

    The Ant Design UI library lets you sort tables by one or more columns, using a sorter prop. But the syntax can get quite repetitive. Let's fix that!

  4. Published on

    Goodbye, GitHub Pages—Hello, Netlify

    GitHub Pages is a good option for hosting simple static sites, but it doesn't scale well for more complex use cases. Netlify offers the best of both worlds: simple hosting and plenty of advanced features.

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    Stuck in Tutorial Purgatory?

    Tutorials can help you grow as a developer. But they can also hold you back. Stuck in tutorial purgatory? Here's how to get out.

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    How to Get More Traffic with SEO

    SEO is the art of making strategic improvements to a site in order to rank higher in search results and gain more traffic. Learn how to use tried-and-true SEO strategies to drive more visitors to your site.

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    Using WebP Images in Jekyll

    Do your blog posts suffer from slow load speeds because of all those images you've been using? In this post, we'll look at how you can improve your page load speed in Jekyll using the WebP image format and just a single useful include.