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  1. Published on

    Hesitation Is Defeat

    After a one-year hiatius from Sekiro, I returned to face the final boss—and, through painful persistence, triumphed.

  2. Published on

    Goodbye, GitHub Pages—Hello, Netlify

    GitHub Pages is a good option for hosting simple static sites, but it doesn't scale well for more complex use cases. Netlify offers the best of both worlds: simple hosting and plenty of advanced features.

  3. Published on

    SEO Tips for Getting More Traffic

    SEO is the art of making strategic improvements to a site's content or performance in order to rank higher in search results and attract more traffic. Learn how to use tried-and-true SEO strategies to draw more visitors to your site.

  4. Published on

    Implementing a Finite State Machine in C++

    Finite state machines (FSMs) are used in lots of different situations to model complex entity state. In this tutorial, I'll help you understand the FSM design pattern by building one from the ground up for a simple use case.