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  1. Published on

    Using WebP Images in Jekyll

    Do your blog posts suffer from slow load speeds because of all those images you've been using? In this post, we'll look at how you can improve your page load speed in Jekyll using the WebP image format and just a single useful include.

  2. Published on

    The Method of Least Squares

    Some systems of equations do not have a unique solution, but we can find an approximate solution using the method of least squares. Applications of this method include linear and polynomial regression.

  3. Published on

    Implementing a Trie in Python

    Prefix trees (also known as tries) can be used to efficiently search for a string in a dictionary of known words using just a prefix. Learn how to implement a custom trie in Python.

  4. Published on

    Hard Links and Soft Links

    Linking is how UNIX file systems keep track of files. There are two distinct types of links: soft (symbolic) links and hard links. One sticks around for good, while the other one rots.