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Computer Science Blog Posts

Posts focused on computer science fundamentals and topics typically covered in CS curricula.

Binary for Beginners: The ABCs of 0s and 1s

The binary number system underlies pretty much everything in computation. But what's the deal with all those 0s and 1s, and how are binary numbers used?

Least Squares Fitting: How to Fit a Curve to Data

Having mastered the method of least squares, we're now ready to learn how to solve least squares fitting problems, both by hand and with Python.

Mastering the Method of Least Squares

Learn how the method of least squares works under the hood. Applications of the least squares method include linear and polynomial regression (data fitting).

How to Perform Numerical Integration Error Analysis

Learn how to perform numerical integration error analysis to understand how well you've approximated the true integral of a function.

Operating System Scheduling Algorithms

Only one process can run at a time on a single CPU. Operating system scheduling algorithms are what allow these processes to take turns running.