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  1. Premature Optimization: Code First, Optimize Later

    Premature optimization may be hurting the quality of your work. Focus on writing legible code first; optimize it later if you need to.

  2. React, Iframes, and a Back-Navigation Bug

    If an iframe re-renders in React, it can interfere with back navigation in your browser. You can fix this by unmounting the iframe.

  3. Make Atomic Git Commits

    It can be tempting to lump unrelated code changes into a larger commit, but atomic Git commits are more maintainable.

  4. How to Format Code on Save in VS Code with ESlint

    Improve your developer experience by setting up ESLint and configuring VS Code to format code on save for JavaScript, TypeScript, and React projects.

  5. CRLF vs. LF: Normalizing Line Endings in Git

    Line endings can differ from one OS to another. Learn the history behind CRLF and LF line endings and how to enforce line endings in git.

  6. How Writing Can Help You Become a Better Developer

    Writing is likely one of the last skills you associate with software development. But it plays a key role in a developer's life and can help you build a more successful career.

  7. Remember to Set a Width and Height on Your Images

    Layout shifts can be annoying and may even hurt your page's ranking, but you can minimize them by setting a width and height on images.

  8. Why I Don't Like Tailwind CSS

    On paper, Tailwind CSS sounds like a great idea. In reality, it suffers from the same problems that it tries to solve.

  9. SVG Tutorial: How to Code SVG Icons by Hand

    Learn the basics of SVGs so you can code your own SVG icons by hand, without always relying on icon libraries.

  10. Creating a Vertical Rhythm with CSS Grid

    Margins are what you typically use to define a layout's vertical rhythm. But CSS Grid offers a better alternative.

  11. Subtle Web Accessibility Issues (And How to Fix Them)

    You've scored 100 on Lighthouse's accessibility audit. But is your site actually accessible, or have you overlooked more subtle accessibility issues?

  12. Be Careful with Async Functions that Return Booleans

    Suppose an async function returns a boolean. What happens if you check the return value without awaiting it?

  13. Dynamic Tag Name Props in React (with TypeScript)

    Sometimes, a React component needs to allow users to render a custom tag. Here's how you can pass dynamic tag names as props.

  14. What Are Higher-Order Components in React?

    Higher-order components are one of React's most popular design patterns, allowing you to define reusable stateful logic and create powerful, flexible components.

  15. 6 Ways to Undo Changes in Git

    If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation with git, don't panic. Here are six simple ways you can undo changes in git and clean up your commit history.

  16. Does Web Performance Matter? It Depends.

    Some big brands have a slow page load speed, but they still rank well on Google. So does web performance even matter?

  17. Creating Responsive Aspect Ratios in CSS

    Learn how to give any element an aspect ratio in CSS, using the modern aspect-ratio property or a trick with percentage padding.

  18. JavaScript Promises: Practical Use Cases and Examples

    Promises are a powerful tool for writing asynchronous code in JavaScript. Here are a few interesting use cases.

  19. Optimizing Images for the Web with WebP and Lazy Loading

    Images make the web a more beautiful place, but this sometimes comes at a price. Learn how to optimize images for the web using the WebP image format and lazy loading with JavaScript.

  20. Blue People Illustrations, or How to Kill a Brand

    There's a recent trend in web design of using illustrations of blue, generic, faceless people. And it's killing brands.

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