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  1. Remember to Set a Width and Height on Your Images

    Layout shifts can be annoying and may even hurt your page's ranking, but you can minimize them by setting a width and height on images.

  2. SVG Tutorial: How to Code SVG Icons by Hand

    Learn the basics of SVGs so you can code your own SVG icons by hand, without always relying on icon libraries.

  3. Subtle Web Accessibility Issues (And How to Fix Them)

    You've scored 100 on Lighthouse's accessibility audit. But is your site actually accessible, or have you overlooked more subtle accessibility issues?

  4. Semantic HTML: Building a More Accessible Web

    Accessibility is a hot topic, yet it's also frequently overlooked or executed poorly. Learn how to use semantic HTML to create an accessible user experience.

  5. Creating a Responsive Navbar Without Bootstrap

    Want to create a navbar that works on mobile and desktop? Ditch the frameworks—in this tutorial, we'll create a responsive navbar using HTML, CSS, and JS.