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  1. Suppose an async function returns a boolean. What happens if you check the return value without awaiting it? Read this post →

  2. Promises are a powerful tool for writing asynchronous code in JavaScript. Here are a few interesting use cases. Read this post →

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  4. Learn how to add comments to your Jekyll blog. We'll use the GitHub issues API as our comment system and lazy load ... Read this post →

  5. Webpack is one of the most popular code bundlers available. Here's a simple webpack config to bundle your JavaScript. Read this post →

  6. Want to create a navbar that works on mobile and desktop? Ditch the frameworks—in this tutorial, we'll create a res... Read this post →

  7. Developers are often taught that JavaScript passes objects by reference. But this isn't true. Here's why JavaScript... Read this post →

  8. Learn how to add a copy-to-clipboard button to your Jekyll blog using some clever Liquid templating and just a few ... Read this post →

  9. Learn how to create modal windows in HTML using just a bit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We'll look at how you can ... Read this post →