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Javascript Blog Posts

Welcome to my blog! I write dev tutorials and the occasional off-topic post.

Creating a Responsive Navbar Without Bootstrap

Want to create a navbar that works on mobile and desktop? Ditch the frameworks—in this tutorial, we'll create a responsive navbar using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Is JavaScript Pass by Reference?

Developers are often taught that JavaScript passes objects by reference. But this isn't true. Here's why JavaScript is actually a pass by value language.

How to Add a Copy-to-Clipboard Button to Your Jekyll Blog

Learn how to add a copy-to-clipboard button to your Jekyll blog using some clever Liquid templating and just a few lines of JavaScript.

Multiple Modals on One Page Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn how to create modal windows in HTML using just a bit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We'll look at how you can open multiple modals on one page, either s...