Webperf Blog Posts

Web performance (commonly referred to as webperf for short) is the art of optimizing a website for the best possible user experience, load times, and SEO.

  1. Remember to Set a Width and Height on Your Images

    Layout shifts can be annoying and may even hurt your page's ranking, but you can minimize them by setting a width and height on images.

  2. Does Web Performance Matter? It Depends.

    Some big brands have a slow page load speed, but they still rank well on Google. So does web performance even matter?

  3. Optimizing Images for the Web with WebP and Lazy Loading

    Images make the web a more beautiful place, but this sometimes comes at a price. Learn how to optimize images for the web using the WebP image format and lazy loading with JavaScript.

  4. Improve Page Load Speed in Jekyll with the WebP Image Format

    Do your blog posts suffer from slow load speeds because of all those images you've been using? In this post, we'll look at how you can improve your page load speed in Jekyll using the WebP image format and just a single useful include.